Lync for Mac Troubleshooting


If you cannot sign in to Lync, try the following steps.

Restart Procedure:

  1. Attempt to close Lync normally by clicking the bold "Lync" in the top left of your menubar and click "Quit".
  2. Find Lync in your Dock and check for a black dot next to the icon (an aqua "L"). If there is no dot, go to step 4.
  3. Click the Apple icon in your menubar (top left) and click "Force Quit". Find and click on "Microsoft Lync", and click "Force Quit". Close the Force Quit window.
  4. Repon Microsoft Lync by clicking the icon in your Dock or by opening it from the Applications section in Finder.

If the above restart did not solve the issue, try the steps below.

Additional Configuration:

  1. You may need to manually configure Lync for Mac if your login does not work. Click the "Advanced" button on the login screen.
  2. Select "Manual Configuration".
  3. Enter "" into both fields.
  4. Apply/confirm the changes.
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